The art

Over the centuries, the bridge of Augustus has been portrayed by numerous artists such as Hackert, Amici (engraving commissioned by the marquis Giovanni Eroli in 1848, conserved in the Museum of Chalcography in Rome) and Corot (paintings conserved in the Louvre Museum and in the National Gallery of Canada).

It has been quoted by Goethe, Gregorovious and other writers in their works.

An important modern artist named Xavier De Maistrerealised a painting portraying the mill.

(on images, from high to low)

  • 1- Franz Edmund, 1770
    2 - Georg Habraham Hackert, 1779
    3- Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, 1826
    4- Domenico Amici, 1848
    5- Giuseppe Barberis, 1895
    6- Xavier De Maistre, 2000