The History

The mill of the Marquis Eroli stands on the banks of the Nera river in a context of great historical and artistic importance characterised by the ancient via Flaminia , by the Bridge of Augusto and the Abbey of San Cassiano .

The Bridge of Augustus was built by the Roman Emperor from which it takes the name in 27 a. C. to allow an easier route compared to the Via Flaminia which connects Rome to Fano.

In 1000 b. C. it was partially destroyed by a flood, assuming its current appearance.

In the eighteenth century this place became one of the destinations of the Grand Tour, journey that various gentlemen from all over Europe used to make, thanks to its beauty its charm.

Il Mulino  is just a few meters from the bridge of Augustus; among the oldest in Umbria it  has been owned by the family of the Marchesi Eroli. For its historical importance is protected by the Italian Ministry of Culture as an archaeological site of cultural interest.

Ponte di Augusto